Last Flight Out

Last Flight Out, a novel by, Robert Eringer

Last Flight Out |
A novel by Robert Eringer

Front and back cover of Robert Eringer's Last Flight Out

Is he hallucinating?

Or is our hero actually travelling into vintage photographs?

Robert Eringer takes you on a journey unlike any other, running into Mark Twain, and others from bygone eras—all the while paying homage to an iconic TV series, The Twilight Zone.

Last Flight Out |
A novel by Robert Eringer

Front cover art for Last Flight Out by Robert Eringer

Is he hallucinating?

Or is our hero actually travelling into vintage photographs?

Robert Eringer takes you on a journey unlike any other, running into Mark Twain, and others from bygone eras—all the while paying homage to an iconic TV series, The Twilight Zone.

Last Flight Out is a highly imaginative odyssey unlike any other in literature and, if you’re willing to suspend reality, may be the most fun reading you may have had in a long time.

Worn down by the stresses and strains of everyday life, harassed bar owner goes for a drive, winds up at the airport and, on impulse, grabs the last evening flight. Onboard, he meets a woman in retro garb that recommends he continue to Sausalito and visit a vintage photography shop.
Finding himself outside the shop while walking around next morning, he wanders in and discovers a vast collection of black-and-white and sepia photographs. Feeling for the proprietor, an elderly hippie, for whom vintage pics is clearly a passion, he springs for a photo of Mark Twain.
Much later, in his hotel room, after an evening of food and drink, the bar owner feels giddy then suddenly finds himself facing off to Samuel Clemens across a pool table. Stunned, he allows himself to be goaded by Clemens into a game of billiards—and the adventure begins.
Just as mysteriously as he traveled to New York in 1908, he is back in his hotel again. Convinced that the gallery proprietor slipped hallucinogenic drugs into a Tootsie Pop that came with the photo, he returns to the gallery to demand an explanation.
The proprietor vehemently denies doing anything remiss, suggesting that every photo in his shop is an adventure, and that the nature of the protagonist’s journey is his alone. But then the proprietor has an idea of his own: If the journey to see Mark Twain truly happened, why not do the same with a photo of President Kennedy’s arrival in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963 and prevent an assassination that, in the old hippie’s mind, caused an escalation of the Vietnam War leaving many of his friends’ dead and his own life in turmoil. He quickly finds such a photo, taken at Love Field, and the next journey begins...

Last Flight Out |
A novel by Robert Eringer

Continuing a Great Tradition

With- Last Flight Out-Robert Eringer consolidates his well-earned reputation as today's premier "Road Novelist"- a tradition reaching back to Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson. Matching the considerable strengths of his acclaimed earlier entry- Motional Blur- he expands his reach into the extra dimension of time travel in a way similar to Kurt Vonnegut. His protagonist is a "hipper" modern version of Billy Pilgrim who through the portal of a strange Sausalito photo shop is launched into a time warping mission to "fix" the Past. As earlier time travelers like Conan Doyle's "Connecticut Yankee" found it isn't easy to fix the past and in the end it is the traveler who is most changed. Along the way Eringer delivers some stunning cameos from Mark Twain to Marilyn Monroe and Dallas 1963 to Auschwitz 1944. Eringer's own "Road" has steadily led upward and I think his best is yet to come.

Take a mental road trip!

Excellent novel! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Robert is a great storyteller. And this is a great story. Hello Hollywood-are you paying attention? (I felt the same way about his last book, Motional Blur). This one grabs your attention by its collar, and pulls you into Robert’s world-that is reminiscent of a great Kurt Vonnegut fantastical story. Robert’s diverse, and mysterious, background takes you on a wild ride designed to challenge your version of reality. And, at the end, there are many pearls of wisdom, unexpectedly. I was reminded of author Richard Bach’s metaphysical style, later in the book. Robert has his own style that is unique to him. Let him take you on a trip with this book, that will shake up your everyday existence. You won’t regret it.

Last Flight Out |
About the author
A novel by Robert Eringer

Author Robert Eringer

As a novelist, Robert Eringer inhabits a world of master spies, billionaires, royalty and delusional lunatics. In reality, he keeps the same company. Two decades ago, a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court (Liberty Lobby v. Jack Anderson) called him “mysterious” and questioned his “actual existence.” Eringer, himself, continues to question actual existence
He began as a London-based correspondent, filing feature stories and high-profile interviews from around Europe. Later, as an investigative reporter Eringer raked the gutter, exposing sleaze-balls and scumbags.
Eringer evolved from journalism to private intelligence before embarking on a ten-year career operating undercover for FBI Counterintelligence. Some of his missions are included in Ruse, published in 2008.
For five years, Eringer was spymaster to Prince Albert II of Monaco. After Albert’s ascension to the throne, following Prince Rainier’s death in April 2005, Eringer created the principality’s first (unofficial) intelligence agency, the Monaco Intelligence Service.
Resettling in Santa Barbara, he became “The Investigator” (a weekly column) for the Santa Barbara News-Press.
In 2016, Eringer returned to fiction with the publication of Motional Blur acclaimed by T.C. Boyle as "A nonpareil road novel that winds up packing a real emotional punch."

Last Flight Out |
A novel by Robert Eringer

Event Cancelled

Last Flight Out (book signing)

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 3:00 PM

Robert Eringer will discuss his newest book and answer questions. The novel takes you on a journey unlike any other, running into Mark Twain, and others from bygone eras — all the while paying homage to an iconic TV series, The Twilight Zone.


The Book Loft
1680 Mission Dr
Solvang, CA 93463

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Last Flight Out |
A novel by Robert Eringer

Worther One on One : “Eringer & Sanity Aside”, With Robert Eringer

At 35 minutes and 25 seconds into this interview, the discussion turns from Eringer's storied background to a discussion about the novel. Eringer dedicates Last Flight Out to the victims of the 2018, Montecito mudslide, which claimed 20 of his neighbor's lives and ravaged his residence. The details of this experience is journaled in "Mudslide" (January 12, 2018)
Eringer explains that the novel is premised upon his experience as an entrepreneur and his frustration in dealing with the municipal and state regulations involved with operating a simple neighborhood bar. Eringer closed his art-themed bar, Bo Henry’s, after one of his employees was caught serving a minor in an ABC sting. Given the choice, Eringer chose to close the business for thirty days rather than financially subsidize the state agency's entrapment operations on the bar's first violation. The Santa Barbara Noozhawk reported on the incident in 2014.
The book's protagonist is the small business owner who is fed up and spontaneously takes the last flight out of Santa Barbara Airport.

Worthen One on One : “Last Flight Out” with Robert Eringer.

Robert Eringer catches up with Jim Worther, discussing his new novel, Last Flight Out. Other topics include the indictment of attorney Gregory Craig who defended the Principality of Monaco in Eringer's civil suit, his encounter with Christopher Steele and admiration of his professionalism, and Russian disinformation techniques. Eringer also describes surviving the mudslide and being flooded out of his Montecito home, just after the largest California wildfire season on record.